Nalŭ kids

Nalû kids are clothes made from high quality fabrics.

Our mission is to satisfy the need for quality clothes in a very convenient way for our clients. We will try to build a unique personality for each of our clients.

We do not have the ambition to change the look of our clients, just to help them find and express their individuality. We believe that dressing people does not just mean selling clothes to them. For us “to dress” is a complex process that brings a special emotion and pride.

The fabrics from which we create our models are from a factory in Spain (100% cotton). Tailoring services are provided in Rousse and Pleven from companies with many years of experience in the sector.
We supply yarns from Italy. Our products are knit in Pleven.
The collars are embroidered in Gabrovo, the company is the leader in embroidery in Europe

Thank you for your confidence, and through it, for the opportunity to prove ourselves as a responsible and loyal partner on the market.
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Label “Made in Bulgaria”!